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Basically used in FUEL INJECTION PIPES for all Vehicles and HOSE PIPES for High Pressure Hydraulic Application. As the application of these nuts is for high pressure Cold Forged Nuts are more suitable for the same.


Cold Forged nuts have many advantages over the machined nuts like :

  • High Strength as the Steel is formed by cold heading to obtain the required size and shape. The granules are not cut like the machined nuts but are  compressed and formed, therefore keeping the strength of the material intact.
  • Gives a very good look with or without coating as the surface finish is obtained from very polished dies.
  • Very good finish of the nuts with smooth and rounded corners enable the user to use the nut with ease.

    Application Areas:

  • Fuel Injection Pipes for all Vehicles.
  • High pressure Hydraulic Hose Pipes for big earth moving equipments like JCBs etc.
  • High Pressure Pneumatic pipes.


    We provide the nuts to our customers with rolled threads. These threads are different from the regular threads and machined threads. As the application of these nuts are for very high pressures, Rolled threads are far more superior then the regular and machined threads in many ways like:


  • First and foremost, Rolled Threads are many times stronger then regular machined threads as the threads are formed with high pressure and the granules are compressed to form the thread. As there are unbroken flow lines with compressed grains the tensile strength and shear strength of the nut is increased due to cold working (please see the figure below). Therefore, the nut can resist the high pressure of hydraulic and pneumatic and hence resulting into Non- Failure of the product.

  • Very good surface finish of the threads as the threads are formed. Enabling the application of the nut with ease

    Our Range:

    Across Flats Range : 17mm to 27mm
    Length Range : All nuts upto 30mm Length
    Thread Range : All Threads and Pitch upto M32
    Surface Treatment : As Per Customer’s requirement ( Zinc Yellow Plating, Silver Plating, Green . Plating etc.)


    Material Used:

  • AISI 1010
  • AISI 1015
  • En1A and
  • Stainless steel grades SS304 / SS316 can also be considered on request.


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